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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 16, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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[ screaming ] >> eric: okay. look at the size of the tarp. that is a big fish. he has that guy's whole arm. >> andrea: when animalles attack. >> eric: moral of the story, keep your hands away from the -- >> dana: that lady is screaming like a girl. >> andrea: that is why i never go fishing. >> eric: bobadoodle you're up. >> bob: you rememberbe when the national rifle association came out with the wonderful press conference that said we have to look in to the violent video games. you know what? the nra decided to distribute free to everybody, four years and older this video game that just came out shooting coffins with rifles. with handguns. isn't that good, wayne? why don't you get your public relations straight. if you call for investigating video gims that are violent, then take yours off the market. you get money off of it. that tells you everything you need to know about the nra.
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>> eric: bob is wound up tonight. that's it for "the five." welcome to "red eye." more importantly, my new cd lateral thinking poz leers comes out in -- on january 22nd. i should know. tv's andy levy is in bed with the flu. so filling in was author, columnist and one of the newest fox news contributors. she has the pre game report. jedediah, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, after years of lying to us, lacks armstrong -- lance armstrong has admitted to doping. in an effort to get back in the game he is dying to hear your forgiveness. and a conservative juice bar owner charges liberals a dollar more. is it fair?
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is it smart? and why do they worry about libertarians. and it has all self-respecting adults sick to their stomach. college students are turning to sugar daddies to pay their tuition. i will not speculate as to what they will give in return. back to you, tom. >> let's welcome our guest. >> i met her back when i was a sports agent in the mid-nineties. she taught me the human head weighs eight pounds. i am here with the children's rights institute and the director of the law fair project. and i met him during my days as a nascar driver. he says no one goes to the outside on turn four, but i did it anywhere. his comedy cd is called image makeover. and i met him in a chicago school after my parents went out of town and he helped mooy turn my house into a brothel. it is bill schulz. and i met him in a u.s. court martial. he said i couldn't handle the truth, and we have been friends ever since. sitting next to me is rusty humphreys.
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and his stories are rather weak and his future is bleak. our new york times correspondent, good to see you pinch. >> training sites come from the best of the star athletes and she profiles all of them. i used to begin my training sessions with yoga and tea and then read select packages. what is your morning regimen like? >> first i think about the tapioca and then i eat the tapioca and then i make the tapic -- tapioca. >> i thought it was all veegan. >> it is all news that is fit
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to print. >> will lance get another chance? in news about biking armstrong told oprah he used performance enhancing drugs. it airs on thursday and friday on winfrey's network, spike tv i believe. the new york times reports armstrong plans to testify with several powerful cycling officials who knew about his doping and possibly facilitated it. his confession comes after years of denying he doped, and it serves two purposes to lift his lifetime ban from competitive sports and settle any remaining lawsuits and avoid further prosecutions. for more let's go to the cycling correspondent, cat who doesn't like to be touched.
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>> i do that when people scratch my neck. >> do you care lance armstrong used performance enhanced drugs? >> i don't care because i think everybody in that sport has been doing it so it is a level playing field and it seems ridiculous. she a champion among cheaters so he should keep everything. it is like firing a stripper because she has too much silicone. it is what the playing field is. >> it is true. when they knocked him off the list and he didn't win, they are not giving the tour to anyone. >> the guy in third place who was clean, his reward is that he gets to drive around the city delivering packages. so it is like -- look, it is a sissy sport to begin with. i don't know what to tell my son. it is the only sport you thought was clean. it is cycling. even that is dirty. the only thing i can look
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forward to now is pro bowling where the athletes are clean and there is no chance for a sex scandal. >> brooke, you play a lawyer on your tv show, right? >> i want to ask you about the lawyerly implications of this. do you think it is smart he would confess? >> well, it is hard to say. i think what this proves is cycling is not a sissy sport. i have been watching all of the sports commentators which is something i never do and they are all saying at least something good came out of it. at least he raised a lot of money for charity. what this actually does is invites allegations of fraud and invites allegations that money was raised under false pretenses. and he doesn't seem to regret
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what he did. the whole defense he crafted was everybody else was doing it, and they were facilitating it so i did it too. so i don't think he is doing it in the most intelligent way. >> they say everyone is doing it is not an excuse. it is about competition. i said it the other night. if you were a hurdler and they were running by the hurdles and you would not jump over them as well? >> excited to be here. greg, you look a lot taller in person than i thought you would. first of all, i don't really care. it is the tour de france. it is not the tour de america. obviously it is not that important. it is france. they make good frys. other than that the eiffel tower is nice. it is a sport. even if everybody is doping, so what? there are rules. and that's one of the good things about sports is we have rules and we follow the rules. if you don't play by the rules you get out. period. >> well, there is a side where
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you live in a culture that winning is everything and win at every cost. the reporters that you ever cked him all of these years didn't know a 40-year-old cancer survivor might be cheating. >> where are people recruiting these days? >> so on the one hand everybody went oh my god, i am shocked. >> that's really what you want. >> bill, you are not shocked. you told me in the green room you do want to watch this interview because you love to watch men cry. >> oprah and men crying. usually if a book club is involved. they are now saying that he told oprah that he was doing ped's before he was dying foesed with cancer. if anyone remembers what the steroid situation was, that was f-ed up stuff.
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there is a case to be made that the doping could have given him the cancer he had to begin with because who know what's he was doing? >> we don't know what he did. like you said, there are some health benefits to using something like hgh to help athletes. not just athletes, but it helps regenerate your body. >> that's what it is. cycling exhausts you. it is exhausting. so these ped's they help you recover. >> i took them for this show. >> if everyone is doing it he was still the best cyclist. he came in first seven times in a row. >> i can't wait to watch this interview because it is not -- i don't think it is about regaining his reputation and him getting his sponsors back. it is about this guy, and it is mano-y-mano and tiger has been on him for the past decade. he wants to win and he does president want to surrender and cry to this guy.
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he wants to cry for oprah and he wants to win in the court of public opinion. i put my money on lance. now, should you pay more if you agree with gore? in the town of vernal, utah, the owner of i love drilling and juice smoothie bar started charging democrats an extra dollar. he said we have a fiscal problem in this country. we deal with it or we don't have a country. so the kind of -- to help make that point i charge a little more to liberals. the oil-loving smoothie slinging owner makes it popular to customers and to conservative organizations. i believe we have a tape of a customer who may have tried one too many ronald reagan energy shots in his smoothy.
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know when to say when. brooke, this seems like a pretty conservative town. is this just good business? >> absolutely. it is obviously a publicity ploy. we are giving him a lot of attention. there was a similar story where there was a gun shop owner who refused to sell guns. we raised the same point. how can you tell who is a liberal? he is free to sell whatever he wants for whatever price to whomever he wants. people are free not to buy it. >> you applaud his decision? >> paul, what is weirder, the tax itself or that a conservative owns a smoothy shop? >> is he stirring the drink with a barrel of a gun? first of all, how are there -- are there -- there are no liberals in utah. he made three sales so far? >> some people have been complaining.
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they come in and leave messages on the website. this is is a disgrace. there are liberals in utah and they are very liberal. >> i am curious how he can differentiate. the conservative one is coming with a top hat made of baby seal. the liberals have a communications degree with their mom's credit card. how do you tell the difference between the two? >> why would they admit it? they have to pay more and their dollar is going to the heritage foundation. >> it is because of this guy who is very hard for conservatives to have smoothy shops in eastern utah. >> the problem is now every conservative will have a hard time getting a cup of coffee. all coffee shops are liberal comme's. >> starbucks will retaliate. >> here is how we can identify people. if you voted for obama keep the bumper sticker on of the when i am driving down the street i want to be able to say, your fault.
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>> i see a lot of romney stickers. >> they can say, not my fault. >> do they have the don't blame me i voted for -- >> no. at this point romney supporters say eh. >> how good would the smoothie have to be to pay the extra dollar? >> not a smoothie guy. looks the same coming out as it does going in. not a fan. the american heritage foundation is getting this money. i don't know if you know this, but they are barely afloat from the billions used to keep this thing going. one of the things they are big into is rugged individualism and they are trying to speak at cpack. >> i think they made $2.5 anyway. >> the requesty is how to not run a business when you overcharge for drinks. >> from shots of wheat grass to a lot more class. shorter summers do academic
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wonders. the secretary of education says american students have fallen behind the rest of the world. and one physical could be a longer school year. the idea is getting traction. five states announced they would add at least 300 hours to the school calendar in a pilot project that will affect 20,000 students in 40 schools. >> maybe i went to a small school. supporters of a longer school year argue that kids forget too much of what they learn. opponents probably disagree, typical of opponents. they are always disagreeing, but experts conquer if your baby loves beer there is probably no hope for him. either way. >> i would like to thank
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mrs. schulz for sending the video of bill as an infant. >> the kids got excited. >> brooke, you were saying in the green room you hated children and anything that keeps them away from you during the summer months is a good thing. can you elaborate on that? >> i built a career off of hating children. look, it is quality and not quantity. i think frankly the whole education system in the united states is completely screwed up. making kids sit in their desks and subjecting them to more of this type of education is not the way to go. the smartest thing would be to take the money and take the time and reeducate teachers how to make their lessons more effective. it is important not to minimize that there is many lessons to be learned. i am a huge advocate of summer camp. you learn survival skills. you learn social skills.
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you spend time at your desk. it is a horrible policy. >> i learned a lot not going to camp. i was picked on all summer, put you learn. >> you learn to be bitter. >> that's why i am the man i am today. >> do you think they should have the summers off? i am both sides on this issue. >> first of all, if they kids are going to school all summer, what will these kids do about going to summer school? >> you and i both have kids. i loved summer vie location. but i can't deal with it. it is like i want to get the kids back in school. >> that's right. the problem is more of something that is not working is not the solution. it is not like you go to a 200-game season in baseball and the mets suddenly start winning. that doesn't make sense. the problem is our students and children see that we live in a culture where you don't really have to go to school to be -- and well educated to make a lot of money. a cousin of mine runs numbers and sells car alarms he stole
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from people's cars because he will make a million bucks the easy way. people see other people making a million dollars. it is thought called the real housewives of mit. >> so you are blaming "jersey shore." >> it is the culture. it is like shortcuts to fame and fortune. that's part of what we teachers and. that's why kids are not doing well in school. sure it needs to be better, but ekdz tending the summer is not -- but extending the summer is not the solution. >> the asian countries that do better than us. they are doing the same amount of hours in the classroom. >> i am a single father of two daughters and i have to keep them in the summer and it is tough. on the other hand, did you see how long kids are going to school in chicago? it is five hours a day. it is party time. >> look at the school. the schools are hardly open.
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but one of the big problems is maybe we have a little bit better of a -- the school is going for the same amount of days and time. our best memories were summer vacation. i did too. i loved summer. i am thinking why not? i think these kids should be in school given that summer was so long. >> no, summer is never long enough. >> i learned more in my summer job trying to memorize the lessons. i don't think that. and i do disagree with what you said. >> that's when i was counselor. >> you don't have to make a good fake id. the usual crap you have
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grown to tolerate. >> what do condoms and porn have to do with the first amendment? i gather we will find out. i gather a lot of things.
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we're back. and i think it is time for a new segment on "red eye." if we only had a title and an animation department to kick it off right. politically correct message refers where in our -- are everywhere in our culture. i put my favorite daughter's music cd in, and these were the lyrics i heard. >> ♪ nana-hey nana
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♪ the earth is a mother ♪ we must take care of her ♪ the earth is our mother ♪ we must tear -- take care ♪ hey nana. >> my daughter is three. can you wait until she is in junior high to indoctrinate her? she will get there. you don't have to push. in addition to the message she's receives i try to get in a little balance. i sneak it in. i say louis, mother earth is knot your real mother. mommy is. you know, the one who gets you dressed and helps you eat and cleans up your throw up. imagine you were alone on the earth and you came across a hyena. no. mother earth would watch as the hyena would eat you. but your mommy and daddy are here to protect you from her, mother nature. imagine if your daddy didn't
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build a house to keep you safe or hunt pheasant or dig underground for fossil fuels to keep you warm. none of which your daddy actually does, but he is somewhere in the chain of command. good night moon. >> brooke, i know the answer to this, but am i wrong here? do we need to start with the environmental stuff before these kids haven't had their first solo bowel movement? >> still haven't. >> what is with the bowel movement references? that's like the fourth one. >> you're welcome. >> that's like an ancient native american chant that actually predates political correctness, the disease we have been suffering from in north america. and frankly i don't see that being politically correct. an example of political correctness is the british police refusing to arrest muslims who are raping women for 11 years as a true story because they fear being called
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easy llama phobic. >> you should tell that story to your daughter at night. >> political correctness is when you refuse to publish comments of mohamed because you are afraid you will hurt the people in pakistan. that's the real des we are covering from. we are suffering from. >> you did trump me with the little examples right there. >> it starts young. jay it starts young and we both have kids. i will tell you you are out of your mind. i love you like a brother, but you are out of your mind. do you watch children programming? do you watch "mr. roger's"? did he have a woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking him steak? >> he said it is you i like and not the things you wear. it is not the way you do your hair, but it is you i like. >> what do you want her to listen to? songs about fraking? >> that's economic development. >> i want them to learn about growth. i was reading that dr. suess
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story "the lorax." i said to my daughter this is not realistic. this sweater would not sell. it would not sell in the open market. >> show her a lady gaga video to teachers and her how to objective vies herself to men later in life. >> i fought this early on myself. i have two daughters. what i realize was i was going to fight back and brain wash them right back. what i said was, and this is true. she won't clean her room and i say caroline, you are being a democrat. what? you are wining and complaining and expecting somebody else to do it for you. don't be a democrat. then she would start fighting with her sister. daddy, caitlin is being a democrat. you watch your language, little girl. that is a very serious charge. so these are things we do in our home, and i am telling you it works. we lost a baby-sitter for that. they were going to a wal-mart, and there was a guy having a will work for food sign, and my daughter said that guy is a
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democrat. >> the baby-sitter got mad and wouldn't work for us. >> bill, you have had women scream at you, stop being a democrat? >> they just said stop. and then they brought out a whistle. when was environmentalism a thing? this is a song about an suv throwing carbons into the atmosphere. you might have a point. do you not remember the 70s? do you remember what highways looked like in the 70s? aren't they better now? back in the 70s italian-americans playing native-americans would shed a single tear because our highways looked so terrible. is it so bad to not litter? i think not. and has either has fathers heard that the more you tell your kids to not be a democrat, the more they will be. just like alex's hippie parents told him to be a hippie and he became a republican. >> my three-year-old gets the
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songs and my six-year-old comes home from school and says daddy you are hurting mother earth. you have to turn off those lights. >> why is she talking like a woman from "downton abbey." >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something go to fox eye and click on video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from jedediah bila. >> the art of manipulating mart marionettes into a show. thanks put pet tree.
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we're back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to jedediah bila. >> to start off you got everything wrong. let's start there. and let me say this before i begin, that cat in the beginning that doesn't like to be touched. >> yes? >> that's me. that's what i do on dates. >> you push down? >> behave, boys. i am not there to smack you around so i have to do it from here. arm stropping, paul -- armstrong, paul i will start with you. you said lance is a champion among cheaters. >> yes. >> there are no champions among cheaters. >> i guess i have to redeliver that message to my son. >> yes, while you are at it, you said cycling is a sissy
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sport. you need to correct that. if you have ever been to a spin class, you know that this is hard work. >> he is one basket away from being gulch. >> oh stop it. you have to give your kids good lifeless sons. >> the lifeless son is if you are going to take drugs don't do it to win. do it for other reasons like i do. >> you are a terrible father. >> no, i just think the last person in the world who realized lance armstrong took drugs is lance armstrong. is this news to anybody in the first place? so he came out. we all sort of new in our heads this guy was doing it. >> true except he lied to everyone for years. in my opinion you lie to me, you are out. then i do the thing the cat did and you have to go away. i'm telling you. all right, rusty, you made a great point. you brought some common sense to the table, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and even if everyone is doping, doesn't mean you should do it too. that's right.
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remember the old adage, if somebody else jumps off a bridge you don't do. it right? are we the only sane ones here? >> we are the only sane ones here. it is very clear to me. >> i want to take issue with that analogy. if everyone is jumping off a bridge into a pool of money maybe you jump. >> i knew your active imagination would come in here and ruin the entire segment. you know what we are talking about. >> there is a lack of not only morality going on in our country, but there is a lack of manhood, standing up for what is right. men don't do that as much anymore. it is about feelings and emotions and whatever it takes to win. unsteady of standing up and being moral and ethical there is a word we use and that is honor. to be a champion you have to be a man and be a man of honor. i think he has blown all of that. >> i couldn't agree with you
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more. >> hold on. i stand up foreman hood all the time. sometimes i lay down for it. >> hey, thanks for coming. two drink minimum. >> i have to move you to the smoothie bar owner. this is a great story. i love this. brooke, i have to say you supported the right of this guy to charge liberals extra. and i always knew i liked you and now i know y. this is fabulous. bill, i have to say that you said you are not a smoothie guy. as a smoothieen enthusiast, i am offended. and you will not be getting endorsements or advertisements from jamba juice. >> jam bough sounds too ethnic for me anyway. >> all right, paul, you want to know how this guy is going to differentiate between liberals and conservatives. that's easy because liberals are spending other people's money. you have to just look on the credit card and easy to find out. >> or they are using the ebt card. >> exactly.
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that could be as well. i want to get to the longer school year. i was a teacher for a longtime. brooke, you say that quality not quantity is important. i cannot stress that enough how right you are. after about two hours or three hours kids start to look like this. they cannot be motivated. >> jedediah, what is wrong with our educational system? why are our students falling behind? what is it? >> teachers tenure, lack of merit pay, i could go on for days. but the yment of time they spend in the classroom is not it. i can tell you what the teachers would probably wind up doing is sticking in a video to distract the students and get some rest on their own. >> good point. >> on that same note, rusty you talked about chicago saying five hours a day seems like nothing. it does seem like nothing, but the kids have no attention span these days. adults have no attention span. this segment alone people are just tuning in and out probably. they can't say the and just
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glue their eyes to something. i am not sure a shorter day is such a bad idea. >> there is no attention span and no accountability in chicago either. >> true for a number of things and not just education. >> voting for that mayor. >> paul, you say that you don't have to spend a lot of time in education to make a lot of money. i want you to know i am proof of that. >> what i said was the problem problem -- the solution isn't having a longer school year. the problem is culturally, the message we send to kids is education isn't important. there are lots of shortcuts you can take to be rich and famous and edge cant -- and education ain't it. the issue is not for me, oh he will be watching too many reruns. he will be a bad leg. your kid should have a summer. go around, have a good had time. enjoy yourself. experience life.
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>> i agree with you. >> then realize going back to school is the right thing to do and you end up like me being a lawyer who left to be a comedian. business mistake. >> let me tell you i worked super hard. i got my master's from columbia. in college i studied summers. i am sitting here tonight with you fine people. i don't know in terms of how it pays off or not, but i agree with you 100%. kids need the leisure time, and it recharges their battery. we have to remember that. it gets them back and focused. all right. this monologue tom was the -- i have to say the glow in the dark eyes put it over the top for me. i don't know why you haven't pursued a career as a recording artist. you have skills. >> i was doing a little interpretation. that's how it sounds on the cd. >> i thought it was fabulous. i want to say that bill, you talked about environmentalism. you said why is this a problem right now? we are just talking about
12:39 am
loving mother earth. i agree with you except the problem is that turns into -- in about five years that turns into cap and trade taxes to prevent global warming and all sorts of nonsense. it is a nice spiral that gets implanted when they are young and then balloons. and then we have al gore. >> that's what i am saying. that's why it starts so young. >> it is not about the politicians. it is about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot. >> what about little red riding hood? is there a deep, dark liberal message there about caring for the elderly on the dole of the government? >> paul, paul, paul. >> it is a very programed story. >> paul, are you so naive. >> have you not watched disney channel and nickelodeon and all of these shows? they are all turning into brain wash machines. >> the wheels on the bus go round and round. why a bus? is this socialism? >> paul, let me tell you all
12:40 am
that there are liberal agendas programed in everything. they are watching you right now ready to attack your brain. you will need to sanitize yourself. >> i sanitize myself for a whole host of reasons. one being an itch i have right now. >> that's the thing i needed to know. also let me say at some point bill talked about pea pea sheets, and i can't get that out of my minds. bill, that is not something i need to know about or visualize, and i think our viewers will agree with me. >> i was talking about the sheets that belong to a friend called penelope prince and she let me wash them for her. get your mind out of gutter. >> thank you for the imagery. >> call me penelope. >> i am done. back to you. great job. coming up, fresh key lime pie for everyone. first, is court ship dead among young people? we will criticize the dating
12:41 am
habits of 20 somethings. i am already chuck lig -- i am already laughing.
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does a sword and a sheath violate free speech? one of the biggest producers in porn in the u.s. is fighting back against california's law requiring performers to wear pro phylactics. i am getting excited on this story. vivid entertainment says making condoms mandatory is a violation of their freedom of expression because it hinders their freedom of expression. they say say it is the swash buck leer time. captain jack slips on a condom. that would destroy the movie because it would be fake. not only does he have a great
12:45 am
point, but a great idea for a film. not the sex. i love swash buckling. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> brooke, are you a lawyer. you use pornography in the way it was intended. >> this is the last time i am going to be on this show. who has a better case here? i think it is unlikely the government is going to win this case. it is established law that porn is free speech. it is protected speech. we can have time, place and manor restrictions. this is obviously a content restriction. it is a high burden of proof the government will have to overcome. they will have to show that by regulating that porn stars wear condoms it will prevent a huge std outbreak, and it is frankly not the case. this paul cambrio, he has a
12:46 am
point. the act of not wearing a condom is is absolutely crucial to the effectiveness of the movie. >> of swash buck leer porn film? because it is the wench with the spray tan that gives it all of the realism you want. >> the tramp stamp. >> it is a slippery slope. if they can regulate the porn industry, every hollywood writer will have to put condoms in their script. then we will have to see condoms on the stage. >> i think it trivial lieses the first amendment they would use that. it is a porn film. >> paul, you don't think it is a slippery slope? >> i don't, not at all. look, it is a porn film. there aren't unlimited rights of free speech in this country, and i think to argue this is one of them, and i am a big fan of the first amendment. don't get me wrong. i love it as much as any other american. but in this case it soils the constitution, if you will. >> i am shocked. i am shocked that you would say such a thing on air as an
12:47 am
accredited attorney. >> i am an attorney. >> rusty, let's bring some sense into this argument. what if it is a desert island or something like that. what was the that movie brooke shields was in two innocence -- >> "blue lagoon." >> you can't have condoms on "blue lagoon." >> that was the opening line. >> here is what i think my lawyer friend has missed. vivid is known for historical accuracy. i think spielberg was thinking of bringing vivid in to help with "lincoln" to make sure they have all of the accuracies. he is looking at me going really? >> i thought you were serious about that. >> no. >> how can he be serious about this topic? if david gregory is able to commit a felony in washington, d.c. and get away with it because he is trying to use his freedom of speech, i think
12:48 am
she is right. >> you can't even enforce it. the cops are going to show up and people will start having sex with them. that's why they never order pizza on porn sets. >> you can force it by fining people who violate the law. >> you are a history buff, right? >> yes. >> you watch the history channel in the buff. you -- i know you will come down on the side of vivid. >> this is a ks to news a you letter from new york -- news alert from new york. we are told a helicopter crashed in the heart of london near the river tames. you can see the video on the left hand side of your screen. according to eyewitnesses the helicopter collided with a construction crane before crashing to the ground. the accident happening during the morning rush hour. it was near the water loo train station. black smoke can be seen rising
12:49 am
from the area. you can see that on the right hand side of your screen. there is burning debris on the ground. there are no reports of any injuries or deaths. our sister station, sky news, is reporting that only the pilot was on board. so once again a helicopter crashing in london. we can take a listen to sky news right now what is happening there in london. let's listen in. >> destruction in that part of the world with apartments going on for the last five years. very, very tall buildings and construction traffic and cranes in the whole area. people making their way into central london. >> so far there is no word of injuries or death. you can look at this video with all of the fire on the left and then the distance on the right hand side of your screen. we will continue to keep our eye on this.
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there is a correlation? we were having a heated discussion between two people who pretend they are lawyers. >> i thought they were going to blows. >> i think he is pretending to be a lawyer saying porn is to the protected speech. >> i i don't think it is protected speech in 100% of the cases. there could be exceptions to freedom of speech. it doesn't make you liberal or conservative.
12:54 am
it makes you practical. let's talk about what we were just talking about off air which is why can the government limit yelling fire in a movie theater when there is no the a fire? it is because of an immediate or imminent danger. you can argue there lar exceptions -- there will be exceptions in our culture. >> a condom prevents fire on the crotch. >> there are rules and regulations. none of them have to do with condoms. i know way too much about this. hi scr -- hiv has reduced drastically in the past 10 years. it has nothing do t.o. do with the fact they are not wearing condoms. >> it is already regulated. there is time, place and manor restrictions. they have to be rated and can't be shown in public. you are assuming people who watch porn are educated adults who can make informed decisions. >> let's back up -- >> the government is allowed to mandate how you have sex or
12:55 am
who you have sex with? it is a slippery slope. >> you can argue, but ends up happening is you are telling me -- you are telling me because fewer people are dying of aids from the porn industry that you don't have to worry about protecting people of aids? only 5 people are dying instead of 2530 years ago. 25, 30 creers ago. >> what makes you think wearing condoms will stop the spread of std's? >> you don't think impressionable 16 and 17-year-olds who have access to porn -- let me finish my sentence. >> you don't think it should be regulated. >> you don't think 16 or 17-year-old kids watching porn aren't getting that impression? >> i am shocked you think that way. >> i am shocked you don't think kids are impressionable. >> i played a bailiff on "law and order" so i can interject. why can't i come on the show once and not be in the middle of a firestorm. can i come on and do happy, happy slapy jokes? >> paul, i will side with
12:56 am
brooke on this one. >> why because she is a woman? i am an idiot? >> it will come down on the big porn companies they will have to pull the regulations. all of those amateur porn people will come in there, and they will work under the regulations like they always do. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with jedediah bila. and to see clips go to fox eye.
12:57 am
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12:59 am
coming up tomorrow, grig -- greg should be back hosting and hopeful leanne de will be back. guests are jonathon hunt and joe devito. >> it is that time to go back to jedediah bila for the post game wrap up. >> rusty, where is the best place to find your radio show? gee 350 stations across the country or talk to rusty


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